College / University Fellowship

UCSC University Fellowship

mentor-sunday-schoolWhile classes are in session during the academic year, the High Street College / University Fellowship meets each Sunday at 11:00 a.m. after the 9:30 a.m. service. We gather in the Fireside Room, where we enjoy a freshly prepared meal as well as weekly teaching and discussions about our Faith. We follow the UCSC academic schedule, which can be found here.
UCSC Students: Do you need a ride to High Street Community Church on Sunday? Our van makes scheduled stops on campus each Sunday to pick up students for church and returns after the College Fellowship.

UCSC Transportation Schedule to HSCC every Sunday:

Merrill College: 9:10 AM
Cowell College: 9:13 AM
College 9 &10 (Bus Stop): 9:15 AM
Porter College: Upon Request
Oakes College: 9:20 AM

Of course, we’re not the Deutsche Bahn, so these times may vary by a few minutes…

For more information about college fellowship call the Church Office, 831.426.0207 or email our Pastor, Danny Wallen, at:

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