Fri., Nov. 27

The trial commenced with Opening Statements on Tuesday, the 24th. Celia Rowland, the prosecutor, gave a very solid and compelling Opening Statement outlining the months building up to November 8th, and then continuing with the events of that day. Her words were sensitive and powerful, and we so appreciate the way she is handling this case.
Following her statement, the two defense attorneys gave their Opening Statements. While only one jury is judging the case, Daniel and Diana Cohen are each represented by a separate attorney. They did not indicate that they would be bringing forward any additional witnesses and would be building their defense on the circumstantial nature of the evidence.

Following the Opening Statements, the first responding officer and Gordon’s friend and office mate, Al, who also was the last person to see Gordon and the one to find his body, gave their testimony.
Monday’s session will begin with the resumption of Al’s testimony.

Here is a link to a Santa Cruz Sentinel article about the opening day of the trial:

As the trial comes to mind, please lift up the witnesses that the prosecution is calling. Since no one saw the shooting, the whole case hinges on the recollection and credibility of those whose testimony points to the guilt of the defendants. The defense attorneys will try to undermine their testimony, especially since the witnesses are remembering back to things that happened 2 years ago or more.

Thanks to you all for your prayers and support, and we wish you a blessed beginning to the Christmas season!

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