Meet the Team

High Street Community Church is led by a group of church members in a variety of roles.  We have a pastor along with his staff and volunteer program leads, multiple team volunteer participants, along with a few operating committees to ensure things run smoothly.  We believe each member of the church plays a part in our overall function.  Our aim is to help you discovery your spot on the team and then live it out!

Our pastor is involved in teaching, leading and equipping our church for ministry.  Program leads manage many of the church’s details and program departments.  Our committees and ministry teams are where most of the hands-on ministry takes place.  Our ministry activities are overseen by our Deacon Board, and spiritual oversight by our Pastor and his dedicated Pastoral Team advisors.

Danny Wallen


Jill McCall


Joe Strock


Michael Cahalan


Kristen Sobalvarro

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 12.55.05 PM

Penny Neudeck


Iris Mejia


Other Leaders

High Street has many other leaders in volunteers roles throughout the church. The roles filled by these individuals include finance management, nominating and facility committee chairmen’s, as well as leadership roles in adult education planning and church governance functions. We are grateful for the many volunteers that also participate in our programs.



Linda Breeden  – Jason Holbrook – Nick Barthel – Mabel Gidcumb – Renee Takesue – Mark Vanderhoof

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