Danny Wallen

Danny Wallen – Lead Pastor

Danny is excited to lead, care for, and coach the multi-generational High Street Community Church – In ways that invite all people to enjoy Jesus and each other, and to then share what they received.


Q: What do you appreciate about your role at HSCC? 

As the Lead Pastor, I get to see firsthand how God moves in peoples lives, how He directs and provides for our church and I enjoy getting to know people at HSCC more and more each year.

Q: What is something people might not know about HSCC?

It is wild how much people volunteer here.  Some are seen and many are not…nearly everyone.

Q: What is your favorite spot in Santa Cruz?

Too many to list…but I’d say Steamer Lane on a healthy west swell, Henry Cowell State Park on a bike, hole #10 at De LaVeaga or El Palomar w. Maria.

Q: How else do your spend time when you aren’t at HSCC?

See favorite spots in SC.

Q: Cursive or Printing?


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