Iris Mejia

Hi! My name is Iris Mejia. I will be the new Office Manager at HSCC. I grew up and lived in Long Beach, CA until I became a student at UCSC. I am fifth year student working towards a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Prior to becoming an Office Manager, I worked as a Programs Assistant or college event planner at the University.

Some people may know that HSCC is the church I have attended since my freshman year and the reason is that I feel so loved here. The members are so welcoming to college students, willing to engage in our lives and open to growth as a multi-generational community.¬† (It’s not just the delicious food I come for!)

Besides HSCC, one of my favorite spots in Santa Cruz is West Cliff. I love walking along the coast, visiting the dog beach or tide pools, and patiently watching for whales when it’s migration season.

When I am not at HSCC, I am either in class, studying, with friends or relaxing at home. I don’t have a favorite hobby, though I do enjoy singing, watching movies (usually ones with musical numbers), baking, and pretending I know how to paint. I also enjoy napping.

Please don’t hesitate to say hello when I am around. I promise I’ll learn who you are eventually.

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