Jill McCall

Jill McCall – Director of Children’s Ministries

Jill runs children’s ministries for age appropriate Sunday School classes during the Equipping Hour on Sunday mornings, which is from 11:00-12:00. She leads a group of volunteers to teach the Bible in our Toddler/Preschooler class, a K-2nd grade class and a 3rd-5th grade class. Jill’s email is jill@hscchurch.org. For more program information click here.


Q: What do you appreciate about your role at HSCC?

I enjoy trying to make an environment that is safe and easy for Sunday School teachers to be able to build relationships with our kids, focused around showing and teaching about how much YHWH loves them.

Q: What is something people might not know about HSCC?

Before I even started working here people of all ages warmly welcomed my kids. The kids are a part of our community.


Q: What is your favorite spot in Santa Cruz?

I love driving up Hwy 1, hiking by a creek in the woods, down at the beach, anywhere with space to take a breath.

Q: How else do your spend time when you aren’t at HSCC?

I get to learn how to teach and home school our kids. I like to knit, be crafty and enjoy being in nature!

Q: Cursive or Printing?

80% printing 20% Cursive


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