Jimmy Tran

Jimmy is the technical intern for High Street, bringing his passion for technical know-how to help keep the church running smoothly. He first got involved with High Street when he came to UCSC as a student, where he would help support the worship ministry though sound mixing and visuals. After graduating with a degree in Networking and Digital Technology, Jimmy is now assisting with a network overhaul here, as well as supporting and maintaining all of the electronic devices.

11012583_10153777513984312_8038098667642722179_nQ1: What do you appreciate about your role at HSCC?

I love being able to put my skills and experiences to bless the church and everyone who uses our lovely buildings. I also love that this has allowed me to continue to be involved with the ministry at High Street though I have moved back home to the SF Bay Area.

Q2: What is something people might not know about HSCC?

High Street has been a blessing to InterVarsity at UCSC for many, many years. They continue to support the college ministry on campus by providing equipment, storage space, meeting rooms, conference scholarships, and spiritual guidance through their wonderful High Street college ministry.

Q3: What is your favorite spot in Santa Cruz?

My favorite spot in Santa Cruz (besides the lovely nature that surrounds it) is a lovely burger restaurant called Surfrider. Two words: sourdough buns.

Q4: How else do you spend time when you aren’t at HSCC?

I am also interning with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at the College of San Mateo (a community college), and I work at a land development and real estate company (doing IT work). During my free time, I love to go on hikes, backpack, go camping, practice a little photography, and spend time with my girlfriend Iris.

Q5: Cursive or Printing?

Chicken scratch that is sometimes legible if I try hard.

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