Joe Strock

Joe Strock – Worship Leader

I love the ocean and the redwoods, worshipping through music and conversations with God and with others about Him. I was born in Georgia and grew up in Tennessee with simmering summer days riding bikes and building forts. My mom was a clerk and my dad a school teacher and pretty good mechanic as well.

When I was in high school I felt God gave me a gift in playing the piano. I decided to dedicate myself to serving God through music in whatever way he would find me useful. Since then I’ve served almost 20 years as a pastor and worship leader in Colorado, Maryland and California. I met my wife in 2000 while pastoring in Maryland. We fell in love and married two years later in 2002 in the Yosemite Valley Chapel. Our son Micah was born in 2005 in San Jose. In 2014 we moved to move to Santa Cruz for a summer vacation and decided to stay. We came alive here and felt this was where God was leading us to write the next chapter of our lives.

JoeQ: What do you appreciate about your role at HSCC?

What I love about my role here is that I get to do something very specific I believe God ordained for me to do—worship with people who love God, singing to him, finding freedom in His presence.

Q: What is something people might not know about HSCC?

Something you may not know is that what initially attracted me to High Street was a conversation with Danny Wallen. I felt a personal connection with him and I appreciate that he took significant informal time to sit down and have a real conversation with me. I didn’t feel like he had a big agenda and conversation about life and ministry flowed freely. Sometimes people think of church as a building but I’ve come to value that it’s all about the people. Having a friend like Danny has given me inspiration to serve. I also have enjoyed getting to know other great people here at High Street.

Q: What is your favorite spot in Santa Cruz?

Spending time on the beach, especially at sunrise or sunset

Q: How else do your spend time when you aren’t at HSCC?

Hiking in the Redwoods, running, lifting and strength and mobility training, as well as cheering on the Golden State Warriors!

Q: Cursive or Printing?

Cursive is my preference but I use both.

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