Penny Neudeck

Penny has been with High Street for over 7 years helping to manage our office and is now working with our Senior Care Ministry.  You may reach Penny on email at:

IMG_0418Q: What do you appreciate about your role at HSCC?

 After 30 years serving church ministries and non-profits, I know how important a personal touch is in reaching those who cannot make it to traditional gatherings. Its my joy to coordinate HSCC’s new Care Ministry to seniors, and others who from time to time are temporarily house bound, and need our love, help, support and comfort, and includes blessings both large and small, from cards and emails and phone calls to friendly visits, visits to bring worship and communion into the home, trips to the doctor or church…and many more.

The Senior Care Ministry complements our Caring Committee whose members provide incredibly delicious home cooked meals to the house bound. 

Q: What is something people might not know about HSCC?

You might not know that HSCC is a multi-generational church consisting of young families with children and those in their 90’s and all ages in between, who all come together in worship and service to our community.

Q: What is your favorite spot in Santa Cruz?

My favorite spot in Santa Cruz would have to be down the street from a friend’s house looking out over the (preferably stormy) ocean and pondering the unfathomable power and beauty of God’s creation.

Q: How else do your spend time when you aren’t at HSCC?

Volunteering at the Santa Cruz SPCA is one of my favorite things to do, and I also enjoy taking my little dog Cody out for walks, which is definitely his favorite thing to do!

Q: Cursive or Printing?

My writing is actually a combination of cursive and printing…not sure how that happened.

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