Our Vision

High Street Community Church is simply a family of friends following Jesus.

As a church following Jesus together, we’re committed to 4 core values to shape our identity and function as a local church in Santa Cruz:  Invite.  Enjoy. Equip. Release.  We believe God invites all people into a friendship with Him through Jesus Christ.  We want to join His inviting nature.  Next, we are called to enjoy.  We believe God has called us to first love Him with everything we have, and then to love others with a similar effort.  Enjoy God… enjoy others.  We also believe in being rich toward God through the release of giving away some of what God has given to us. 

inviteInvite:  God takes great initiative to reach out and become friends with all people through Jesus Christ.  At HSCC we desire to join God’s initiative by inviting people to experience friendship with Jesus.  As an inviting church we look to build friendships within our workplace, schools and neighborhoods.

enjoyEnjoy:  When Jesus was asked what is most important, He replied with a short “to-do” list…Love God and Love Others.  At HSCC, we believe that loving God and enjoying Him involves authentic worship, prayer, obeying His Word, and accepting His gift of grace.  Loving and enjoying others means seeking God’s best for them.  It also means having fun together!

Untitled drawing (1)Equip“Katarismos” is the Greek is the word used for “equip” in Ephesians 4:12 describing the process God uses in “making us as we ought to be” or to “bring us to completion”.  At HSCC we make it a high priority to coach each person to become all that God has designed us to be and to do all the good works He has prepared for us.  (Ephesians 2:10)

releaseRelease:  Because we sense and know God’s great love for the world and believe that all we have is from Him, we want to be rich toward God.  Release involves using our abilities in the church and our community, cheerfully sharing our resources, and giving our lives in discipleship with others.

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