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Slug parking @ HSCCYearly and Quarterly Parking

Parking Permits for the 2017-2018 year is SOLD OUT. Please contact the church office at 831.426.0207 for more information, or if you would like to be put on the waiting list

The parking lot is approximately 3 blocks from the UCSC Main Entrance, at 850 High Street. Students can walk to Bay Street and take a shuttle onto campus. Or, there are two city bus stops between HSCC and Bay Street.


  • Annual parking pass: $550
  • Quarterly pass: $225*

Parking Hours:

  • 24 hours Monday thru Saturday
  • Sunday afternoon**


  • Cash (correct amount) or check
  • Online with credit card via Paypal

* Pro-rated if the permit is purchased in the middle of a quarter
** Students are required to move their cars on Sunday mornings (but may return Sunday afternoons) as a courtesy to the congregation.
*** Please call before paying by PayPal to confirm that a spot is still available. Office hours are 10am to 3pm Tuesday-Thursday, (831) 426-0207.

Steps to Purchase a Parking Permit

1. Call the Church Office

Parking spaces are limited.
Call to make sure there is still space available. (831) 426-0207.

2. Download, Print, Complete, and Sign Forms

 Parking Permit Application & Regulations

3. Pay for your Permit

OPTION A: Pay Using Credit Card

Please call before paying by PayPal to confirm that a spot is still available. Office hours are 10am to 3pm Tuesday-Thursday, (831) 426-0207. Once you have confirmed that a spot is available, click on the  BUY NOW button in the boxes below for the permit you wish to purchase and follow the steps through to the secure PayPal processing site.

If paying by credit card, please be sure to print out the receipt and bring it with you to the HSCC office to get your permit.


Purchase Now


Purchase Now

Winter Quarter

Purchase Now

Spring Quarter

Purchase Now
OPTION B: Pay Using Cash or Check

Checks and contracts can be either delivered to the office or mailed.
*Please note that if the student is paying with cash they should bring the exact amount. The office is unable to make change.

Make checks payable to:
High Street Community Church

Write the following on memo line:
Students name + “parking”

Mail to:
850 High Street,
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Only when we receive the check and completed contract will we be able to reserve your parking spot.

4. Visit Church Office to Obtain Permit

When students arrive at UCSC, they will need to come to the High Street Church office to get their permit.

Office Hours
Tuesday –Thursday 10am – 3pm

Parents may accompany students, but we want students to be responsible for delivering the contract to the office. They are the ones who will be responsible for the car, and we want to be sure that they understand the regulations and where to park.
** Students buying passes by the quarter are required to come to the High Street office and renew their permit at the beginning of EACH QUARTER that they want to keep their permit active.

PLEASE notify the office at (831) 426-0207 if the permit will no longer be needed. There is always another student who needs a place to park.

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